The Digest Best Program

Heal your gut and lose fat in 90 days! The goal of this program is to show you the exact process that will help you transform your current habits, routines and mindset so you can fuel your body properly to heal your gut through nutrition practices, reach your body/weight goals and live the lifestyle you truly want.


I went through a program with Pherrin to address eating habits, nutrition, reduce stress, and to improve my work-outs. She was very knowledgeable, quick to respond to requests/questions. Supplied me with tons of useful information. She kept me accountable and helped me create some great habits that I still use today. She has a way of getting through to you and saying the things you need to hear to make good choices/changes. I highly recommend working with her.

Josh Falkenstern

"I weighed myself Sunday which was exactly 28 days from starting the meal plan and I’ve lost 11 lbs. I’m down to 319. I feel my energy is up and I’m getting more out of my workouts."

Koreen Wirschke

I have been a client of Pherrins for both nutrition and fitness and she is AMAZING! She is always prepared, accommodating and knowledgeable. She aids in not only educating you on your goals, habits and lifestyle, but also working with you in a 1 on 1 individualized plan for both nutrition and fitness. In regards to nutrition, she helps you not only look at foods affecting your nutrition, but goals, habits/routines and other factors affecting nutrition through her online modules and 1 on 1 weekly meetings. With fitness, she is always prepared for classes, ready to accommodate any injuries you may face and ALWAYS pushing you to be your best!

Joanne Hancock

Pherrin is an amazing personal trainer. She is very organized and well prepared she has equipment set up and ready to go on time. She has so much compassion for her clients when they have an injury. She ensures her clients have proper form to prevent injury. She modifies the exercise to the client’s ability. She knows how to push her clients to reach their full potential. I started out first doing spin with Pherrin I loved it so much I then did one on one personal training with her. I would highly recommend Pherrin 100% for spin, personal training, and nutrition. She is very knowledgeable and understanding person. I am very confident you will not be disappointed with any of her services


I have been part of the group training for a month now and can already feel increased flexibility and strength across my entire body. The people in my group are so fun to work hard with and I find it a very safe and comfortable place to be uncomfortable in my self growth. I have also found I’m much more in a clear head space in my daily life and motivated to do more outside the home than before I started.