(Limit of 14 people per class)

NEW!!! Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Get ready to find balance, peace and enlightenment. This yoga class keeps your moving through asanas ( yoga poses), breath work, meditation and mantras. These classes are great for beginners! 


Get ready for a fast-paced sweat your butt off class! I love to weight train, feel strong and love the intensity and tunes of a spin class so I decided to combine them into a class I am calling muscleSPIN. I've incorporated weights with 30 second max repetitions to blast your muscles and then we hop back on the bike for another ride. 

you can expect thrusters, hang cleans, push press etc. Lots of fun with weights! 

For more information please email me! pherrinjamiesonnutrition@gmail.com 

Tuesday Vinyasa Flow Yoga @7pm /Wednesday @ 6pm MuscleSPIN